About us

Optical shop Topić was founded in 1981 in Sibenik, and as such it is a private optical shop with the longest tradition in Sibenik, and one of the oldest in Croatia in general.
Jozo Topić, the founder and the owner, is an eye optics master and a graduated optometrist of the School of optometry in Cologne.

Through years of work the optic shop has broadened the circle of loyal and satisfied customers. Today it successfully works with 10 professional employees. The headquarters and main optical shop is located in the renovated over 250m2 area, where at one site services of diopter determination, a wide selection of prescription frames and eyeglass lenses, contact lenses, all types of eyeglasses making, along with  sunglasses of world’s most famous brands is provided.

The optical shop Topić is the largest and the best equipped optics in Dalmatia, which is located in the heart of old town’s center at the address 13 King Tomislav, in the immediate vicinity of the St.James Cathedral. Another store is located next to the railway station at 11 Fra Jerolima Milete.

A long tradition, high service quality which satisfies even the most demanding needs, a professional team, a wide range of world most famous brands at affordable prices set forth in an attractive ambience, many long-time loyal customers and service users are all qualities of the optical shop Topić and the status it had in the past, or has today or will have in the future.

Our staff is fluent in English, German and Italian and can provide you with quality service on your own familiar language.

Because of the direct online ordering of special prescription spectacle lenses and fast delivery we are able to develop and deliver all kinds of high quality glasses (Monofocal, multifocal, sunglasses with prescription, sport-curved) with spectacle lenses from the most famous world brands (Zeiss, Rodenstock, Essilor, R + H) as soon as possible at prices at least 30% cheaper than in EU countries, and provide a large selection of prescription frames of world famous designers at affordable prices. In addition to prescription glasses we also offer vision control and diopter determination.

The speed of service, quality and delivered value for your money are the reasons to visit us on your holiday. In the pleasant atmosphere of the old town of Sibenik, and the beautiful interior of our optical shop, you can choose your new glasses for vision, sunglasses or contact lenses and save money by affordable purchasing.